1. TSG
    Differentially Private K-means Clustering Applied to Meter Data Analysis and Synthesis
    Nikhil RaviAnna Scaglione, Sachin Kadam, Reinhard Gentz, Sean Peisert, Brent Lunghino, Emmanuel Levijarvi, and Aram Shumavon
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2022
  1. App. Energy
    A secure distributed ledger for transactive energy: The Electron Volt Exchange (EVE) blockchain
    Shammya Saha, Nikhil Ravi, Kári Hreinsson, Jaejong Baek, Anna Scaglione, and Nathan G Johnson
    Applied Energy 2021
    A Case of Distributed Optimization in Adversarial Environment
    Nikhil RaviAnna Scaglione, and Angelia Nedić
    May 2019
    Detection and isolation of adversaries in decentralized optimization for non-strongly convex objectives
    Nikhil Ravi, and Anna Scaglione
    Sep 2019
  1. SPAWC
    Network Inference and its Application to the Estimation of Crowd Dynamics from IoT Sensors
    Nikhil Ravi, Raksha Ramakrishna, Hoi To Wai, and Anna Scaglione
    Jun 2018
  1. SPCOM
    Reversible Radix-4 booth multiplier for DSP applications
    Nagamani A N Rao, Nikhil Ravi, Manish Nagaraj, and V. K. Agrawal
    Jun 2016